Day 9 Total Phase 2 Day 7

Day 9

Weight: 184.0

Loss from yesterday: none gained .4

Total Loss: 7.0 pounds

Body Fat: %

May 2, 2011

Phase 2 Day 7

Well, I thought I’d return to schedule today, but my son had to stay home sick today which means I stayed home too. I stuck to breakfast well. I pretty much stuck to lunch…had a tablespoon of whipped cream with my hot apples. And stuck to supper. I drank more than the required ounces of fluid for the first time ever. And yet I gained again. L Who knew cheating would reek this much havoc?????

Breakfast: Coffee.

Lunch: Hot & sour cabbage soup, turkey, and an apple.

Supper: 3.5 oz grilled chicken, 2 cups lettuce, and an orange.

I forgot to take my drops before dinner again. I did take them ½ way through dinner though. I wish we ate at a consistent time so I could set a reminder on my phone.

I’m very disappointed in my gain again. This was easy when the scale was diving down…this climb makes my will-power weak.



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  1. Don’t lose hope! 🙂 I learned my lesson, whenever I stray AT ALL from plan it totally messes me up. Even a little bit…for example, Sunday I had two Greek olives that were soaked in olive oil, and that blew it for me, I gained on weigh-in Monday. I downloaded a calorie app for my phone to make sure I stay right at 500 calories. Get in water plus a little extra. And it was hard for me to remember my drops too, until I got into a schedule. I read that as long as you take them 3x a day it doesn’t necessarily have to be right before meals. Some do it like 8am, 2pm, 8pm. So that helps with making sure you don’t eat right after taking them, as I guess that makes them not work as well. Maybe if you did a schedule like that, it would help? Hang in there, it will all work out! 🙂


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