Day 7 Total Phase 2 Day 5

Day 7

Weight: 183.4

Loss from yesterday: 1.6 pound

Total Loss: 7.6 pounds

Body Fat: 42.6%

April 30, 2011

Phase 2 Day 5.

Today was cheat day. I know the plan doesn’t call for cheat days, but I knew when I started this diet that today would be a cheat day. Now, I said all that to say that I didn’t cheat NEAR as much as I planned too!!!!

Go me!!! Family lunch at grandma’s house. Fried everything, plus mashed potatoes, corn, macaroni, peach cobbler, salad, green beans, etc…. Guess what I ate? Nothing but the lettuce in the salad!!! Last minute before we left I packed my lunch. And ate it while everyone else ate the “good” stuff that is not so good for you!!! I had no idea I could do that! Especially two days in a row!

Now, I still cheated at supper. We had a dine out family dinner. I ate too much (see below). I feel bloated and yucky….why did I do that again? Perhaps this will be a lesson to me! No more cheat days!!!

Breakfast: Coffee.

Lunch: 3.5 oz Turkey Breast, 1 apple, and about 1 cup of lettuce.

Supper: Peanuts, Chicken Nachos (I ate part of the appetizer), Sante Fe Chicken Salad (grilled chicken…only ate 3 oz of that), and 1 roll with butter.

Considering all that went on today, I did a decent job getting the water in. Still not up to the required ounces, but good nonetheless. I hope my cheating at supper doesn’t totally undo all the loss. I realize the scale might not go down tomorrow morning and that scares me. I think I’ll be ok if it stays the same, but I’m really hoping I still managed to flush out half a pound.

I wish I had measured myself before this all began. And took before pictures. A few people have already noticed. Last night after we got in bed my husband said his hips were wider than mine. I didn’t know mine were wider than his to start with, but I’m glad to find out they’re shrinking! I am more concerned with losing belly fat though. I don’t think I need to lose weight anywhere other than in the tummy. Muffin top sounds like it would be cute, but it is so NOT cute!!!

Come on break-down of belly fat!!!! Tomorrow will be another “on the road” day, but I’m already making plans to stick to the diet. I can do this! I know I can!!!!


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  1. hang in there, you are doing great and super job at lunch! Also, you know you cheated so are prepared for little or no change in weight. I cheated at Easter, gained I think a little over a pound the next day. But went strictly back on the diet from the next day on and it came right back off. Keep up the great work!!


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