Day 6 Total Phase 2 Day 4

Day 6

Weight: 185.0

Loss from yesterday: 1 pound

Total Loss: 6 pounds

Body Fat: 42.4%

April 29, 2011

Phase 2 Day 4.

A little disappointed. I only lost one pound this time. I can’t dwell on the sadness too long, though, because it is still loss and that’s what I was going for. One pound is still one pound. So, I’ll celebrate it!

Breakfast: Coffee.

Lunch: 3.5 oz Turkey Breast, 1 orange, and about 2 cups of green and red bell peppers. I ate everything today.

Supper: 3.5 oz. 93/7 Ground Beef, 1 cup of fresh grilled green beans.

I’m actually very proud of myself today! It was food day at work. I didn’t cook anything to take. I also didn’t eat anything anyone else brought. That is a first. I was presented lots of food that I love, and I didn’t even sample. I also did a much better job drinking today. I still don’t think I got the 120 oz. I’m supposed to be drinking, but I know I got over 80 oz.

Tomorrow I am planning on cheating. I may change my mind, but we will be eating out tomorrow and I’m pretty confident I’ll eat what I want. I hate to see an end to loss or a plateau, but in this case I’ll probably cheat. Too many things going on that will cause me to need the carbs.

But today, I’m celebrating!!!! I’m almost a week in and I’ve lost a total of 6 pounds. I wish it was closer to ten, but I’m celebrating 6!!!!


2 responses to this post.

  1. let me know if you want any nutrition advice. Try to have more for breakfast than just coffee some oatmeal or something. Metabolism is better throughout the day with an actual morning meal


    • Posted by drop30for2ndhoneymoon on May 1, 2011 at 12:35 AM

      Thanks, but the diet plan I’m following strictly states coffee or tea for breakfast. I’m doing great so far!!!


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