Day 4 Total Phase 2 Day 2

Day 4

Weight: 189.2

Body Fat: 41.8%

April 27, 2011

Phase 2 Day 2.

Day one of loss. 1.8 pounds lost…still not at my “start” weight from before the two load days. Hopefully tomorrow morning I will fall back to that weight. I’ll be VERY happy if I can keep up the 1.8 pounds each day!!!! At that rate I could lose my 30 pounds in 17 days!!!! I would consider that unbelievable.

Not quite so tough. The afternoon still left me desiring a snack, and I cheated and had a tea from McDonald’s. I hope that doesn’t put me over, but I think I’m still going to be ok.

Breakfast consisted of coffee. It was good.

Lunch: turkey, raw broccoli and an orange.

Supper: 3.5 ounces of cube steak, 2 cups cherry tomatoes.

I’m supposed to have half a grapefruit, too, but I think I’m done for the day. Can I do that? Not eat something on the plan?

So, I bought an unsweet tea at McDonalds and put two packets of Stevia in it. YUCK! Apparently I should have started with half of ONE packet first! It probably didn’t help that after stirring with the straw, the first sip I took was pure Stevia. I’m not so sure I’ll make the switch to Stevia…perhaps I’ll just go sweetner-less.

I did a little better drinking today. Still not where I need to be, but better.

I’m concerned about keeping up with my diet on “special” days. For example, Friday is food day at work. I’m not sure I can, or even want to, say no to everything. Then, my mom will be here for the first time in 4 years, and, well, we’ll eat. I’m not sure I can “eat” and stick to the diet. I was hoping to take one “cheat” meal this week, but now I’m already looking at two or more. :0(

I can’t (read won’t) explain my diet to anyone. They’re all against this type of “dangerous, fad diet”. I have to be able to disguise my diet as simply what I’m choosing to eat. No questions at work so far this week, so I must be doing an ok job of disguising.

Well, I’ll be back with new data tomorrow!!!! Wish me luck!


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