Day 3 Total Phase 2 Day 1

Day 3

Weight: 191

Body Fat: 40.9%

April 26, 2011

Phase 2 Day 1.

Toughness begins.

I know this is nothing more than a mental game. I MUST win the game. Day one of 500 calories. Breakfast of coffee? It was fine! That’s what I normally do two or three days a week. After breakfast I started with water. I almost drank two bottles of water before lunch at 10:50 am…which is when we eat lunch at school.

Lunch. Turkey breast, cucumber, and strawberries. I didn’t eat all of the strawberries. I was full! Finished the second bottle of water. Went back to my classroom satisfied. Until I opened my desk drawer…which contains 100 calorie packs of snacks…YUM! Chocolate covered pretzels are good! I managed not to eat anything extra, but all afternoon I kept thinking about the foods I couldn’t eat. Thus, making me crave them. I KNOW it is totally in my head. I normally don’t snack between lunch and the end of school. I MUST win this head game.

One and a half more bottles of water before the end of school. This water drinking is hard. I feel like I’m drinking continuously, but I’m no where near the required amount. This might be my biggest battle before this is all said and done.

Supper consisted of 3.5 oz grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast, 2 cups of Herb mix lettuce, and an orange. All washed down by a bottle of water. I really want dessert. I LOVE dessert. Dessert is my favorite part of any meal. I typically only have it at dinner. Really want some dessert tonight…really saying no.

According to my calorie counter, I’m still below 500 calories. How did that happen? I’ve stuck to the plan. Am I supposed to be less than 500 calories? Can I make up the calories? Can I choose what I eat to make up the calories????

I know. The answer is no. But I sure would like to eat some of the leftover trifle…


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