Day 2 Drop 30 Diet

Day 2

Weight: 189.8

Body Fat: 39.8%

April 25, 2011

Load day two. Going to try to up my water intake today along with eating everything I want. :0)

I shall return!

Where did 5 days off go? So, today I ate. And drank. I didn’t drink as much as I intended to, and am already worried that drinking might be my downfall on this program.

Tonight I bought groceries for the next 4 days. I packed my lunch for tomorrow, and was surprised by how much I get to eat. It seems to be the same amount of food, if not a little more, than I have already been eating for lunch the last two months or more. I don’t think I will be starving during the school day.

I tried to eat a lot today. I ate food that will be unallowed after tomorrow, but I couldn’t force myself to eat anything in large quantities. I did eat most of the day though. That is my second concern. Snacking. I tend to “pop” food throughout the day on a pretty regular basis. I don’t do it much at school anymore, which is why I chose to have my “load” days the 2 days before I go back. Starting this will be easier if I am in a routine.

Well, here I go. 30 pounds to lose and 30 days to do it. Can I? Will I stick to it? I really want to be slimmer for this trip. I deserve to look the way I want. My husband deserves a healthy, happy wife on his arm. I need to do this!!!!


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