Day 1 Drop 30 Diet

Day 1

Weight:  188.8                                                                                             

Body Fat: 40.0%

April 24, 2011

Today I am starting the journey towards losing 30 extra pounds. I will be using HCG Support by MBi to aid me in the process. I will also be taking 12 610 mg Fenugreek capsules a day, and 3 Source of Life vitamins a day. I am choosing to do the HCG drops 3 times daily in the quantity of 15 drops each time. I am going to attempt to stay as close as possible (for me) to the 500 calories allowed daily. I intend to take one cheat day during the weekend.

Today is my first “load” day. I figured Easter would be a great day to have as an eat all I want day. Tomorrow will be my second load day, and then I will go full out on my first day back to school. The goal is to lose 30 pounds in 30 days. I am hoping most of it (if not all) will come off of my stomach and thighs. That seems to be where it is all hanging out…literally some days…and I want it gone.

My husband is taking me on a second honeymoon this summer to celebrate our 15th anniversary. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I want to look my best. I know it is impossible for me to get down to the size I was when we married, but I’d like to be in a healthy range and feel attractive.

I have been in a downward trend already, before getting serious. I have been taking 7,320 mg of Fenugreek daily, eating sensibly, and attempting to walk/be on my feet more. The weight loss has been slow. In the past 6-8 weeks I have lost almost 6 pounds. Due to a back problem that seems to be affecting my sciatic nerve, exercise is very limited. I’m hoping that the HCG will be the “kick” my body needs to start dumping the pounds.

This blog, hopefully, will document my daily journey towards my goals. Feel free to follow along, join in, support, heckle, or whatever! This is long over due and now I have a real “reason” to buckle down and do it!


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