A Day of Waiting

A Day of Waiting

Xtreme Winter Youth Conference Day 1

Well, I planned ahead. Chris & I were supposed to pick the rental van up in Farmington at 7:30 AM. We had reserved the van a month in advance. However, at 7:30 we were driving to pick up the van and received a phone call saying the van was on it’s way from Festus to Farmington. No problem! We’d stop and pick up drive through breakfast and be there about the same time and still be on time to pick up the youth group at 8:30.

Well, we ate our breakfast in the rental store. Waited.

Manager finally asks how long we think it takes to get from Cape to Farmington. Cape????? You said Festus on the phone.

Manager calls Cape branch…what? They sent the slow driver? Great.

A few minutes later the phone rings. The driver hasn’t even left Cape yet?????

Frantic text sent out to parents. I’m sorry. Nothing I can do. Can’t pick up your kids at 8:30. Will let you know when I know a time.

Chris & I went to Wal-Mart to walk around. To wait.

We finally picked up our students around 10:30 and headed out. Two hours late. Two hours of waiting.

We gave the kids the option of eating fast food in Cuba at noon or waiting until Springfield for Lamberts. They chose to wait.

I learned on the next leg of the drive that there are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more yellow vehicles on the road than I ever imagined possible. I learned that YOGURT is obnoxious in a van of 10. I learned that I have more patience than I thought. Many times I wanted to yell STOP IT! However, I didn’t, and praise be to God they quit on their own!!!! I mean, you only want to have YOGURT screamed in your face while being hit so many times, right?

2:15 PM we hit Lamberts’ parking lot. Wait time for a group of 10? One hour.

We stand and wait. For 30 minutes. 40 minutes. 50 minutes. 60 minutes. 70 minutes. Finally Chris goes to see how much longer. It was still longer.

By now everyone is tired of waiting…hungry…and ready to burn off some energy. (Can you feel the pain of the people waiting around us in the line at Lamberts?)

Finally we are seated and fed. We ate pass-arounds we typically wouldn’t have eaten! The food was good. Half of our students had never been to Lamberts before. I hope it was enjoyed by all!!!!

The last leg of the drive to Branson passed quickly without YOGURT or much waiting. We found our way to the convention center to register quickly, and once I figured out the line wasn’t people waiting to register but waiting to get in when the doors opened 2 hours later I got in and out quickly!

The kiddos had to wait in the van while I got us registered at the resort. I had made an error in thinking the room I had reserved had an oven, so I had to upgrade our room. OUCH.

However, our 2 bedroom condo that slept 12 was awesome!!!! Two bathrooms both with Jacuzzis. Full kitchen, dining room, and living room. Two balconies with tables & grills. Plenty of space!

We unpacked. Cleaned up. And headed straight back to the convention center. The kids waved at everyone and was offended when people wouldn’t wave back.

Upon arrival at the convention center we discovered that an hour early was good enough to get us seats 10 rows from the BACK. Really???? There were over 4000 people there and 3000 of them had apparently been there for hours. CRAZY!!! And I HATE sitting in the back anywhere! We sit in the 3rd pew in church…I sit towards the front in classrooms…I like to be able to see and hear!

Oh well! At least all ten of us could sit together.

7:30 show time!!!

Worship Leaders: The Museum…technical difficulties with the projection system and sound…I think?

Followed by Christian Rap…KJ-52. I was a little apprehensive and so were some of our students. NEEDLESSLY!!!! He was awesome and even our most conservative students were “getting their swag on” before his time on stage was over! They had a great time laughing at Chris & I doing the same. Our arms hurt by the time we were done!!!!

Speaker: Tony Nolan
Focal Scripture: John 10:10
Satan is a Hurt Dealer…Jesus is the Hurt Healer
Additional Scriptures:
Rom. 6:23
Rom. 9:10
1 John 4:8
John 3:16
Rom. 10:13
Matt. 10:32-33
Gal. 4:4
Ps. 147:3

This was a testimony that was a call to salvation. We heard about Tony Nolan’s tragic life as a child.

Following the invitation was Jeremy Camp. I think the kids really enjoyed his performance!!! However, they were all a little shocked that “church” started at 7:30 and we didn’t leave until after Jeremy’s performance which finished around 11:45. “Church” was over 3 hours long!!!! One of them fell asleep in their folding chair…that’s how long!

Back to the resort for supper. Yes, we ate supper at 12:20 am. Well, the kids ate. I was too afraid I’d get sick if I ate pizza that late and then went to bed.

At a little after two most of us were down and asleep. Chris said some of the boys were still playing video games around 3:30.

All in all…today was a day of waiting! However, we had a GREAT time overall and were excited for Day 2!!!!


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