Refurbished or Repurposed Lately?

Refurbish: To make clean, bright, or fresh again; renovate

Repurposed: To use or convert for use in another format or product (definitions taken from

Our Sunday School lesson last Sunday was “What Will it Take to Change Your Mind?” I’ve been pondering “change” as a whole sense then. Change is inevitable. It manifests in many different ways. Sometimes we may not choose change, but we find ourselves in the midst of it anyway.

For example, a club decides not to “change” anything in their approach to attract new members. By saying no to change, change happens to them. Members who were “for” the change, leave. Members who stay become bitter. New people who enter the doors find a spirit of politics rather than a spirit of fellowship. The club begins to change for the worse despite the members decision to forgo change because it might go wrong. Change will occur regardless of our fear.

A trip to many stores will find stickers marking items “refurbished”. I hesitate to buy items that are refurbished. I’m often of the mindset that items that have already had problems to need fixing will more than likely have problems again.

Such is my Christian walk. I am human, unfortunately, therefore I am repeatedly having “issues” and needing God to step in and refurbish me. Wipe out the sin that I have allowed into my life, put a shine on my attitude, bring me a fresh perspective on being a fisherman.

Wow. I am constantly being refurbished. I suppose I wouldn’t buy myself if I were for sale!

Today I am thinking about my service for the King. It has changed greatly in the last year. I would have never imagined myself in this situation if you had asked me even two years ago. I’m in an awkward place. Not knowing where I fit in…if I fit in…what I should be fitting in. Yuck.

Today I’m wondering. Am I being repurposed?

Has my state of “limbo” been a time to convert me to be used for a different purpose? A now purpose? The purpose I was created for?

Repurposed. A little different than refurbished. Can it be that He’s taking who I was, who I’ve become, and who He’s still shaping me to be and giving me a new job, a new direction?

What about you? Are you changing? Are you being refurbished or repurposed? Do you need a little refurbishing or repurposing?


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  2. I have definitely been re-purposed. I went from complaining about how awful life treated me, feeling sorry for myself with all my problems to loving my new life in Christ, full of joy even in hardship. I was refurbished in order to share my story and be a fisher of men & women. Just wish the fishing was a little easier, these fish fight all the way!


  3. Carrie, I am in my 60s; I have been refurbished many times from being broken, worn out, or updated. It always makes me better–not worse!

    I have also been repurposed. That too is good. I would not want to be the same as I was in my earliest days without improvements or new purposes.

    This is a very fresh perspective on change. You did a good job and I enjoyed it.


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