Pots, Pans, Groceries, & More

No kids Friday night and Saturday day for Chris & I. Can you guess what we did?

Well, as most parents with kids will tell you, date night was dinner and Wal-Mart. In less than 24 hours we went to two different Wal-Marts for a total of 3 trips to Wal-Mart.

Today’s trip to Wally World was for groceries. While there we looked at pans. Our kitchen pans have gotten bad. Misshapen, damaged, irrepairable. They’ve been this way for a while, but we’ve eaten all meals “out” for the past 2 years or more. This trend has stopped. We ate every meal at home this past week, and the majority of meals at home since mid-January. If we’re going to cook we need decent tools.

This trip to the store was insane. Took forever to find a parking spot that was too far away from the door. The store was packed. Craziness!

The kitchen utensils, tools, small appliances section was busy. I was surprised. What was going on with the food preparation???

So, I’m curious. Is the current economic condition pushing our fast-food society out of the drive-thru lines and into the kitchen?

I must be honest. It has at my house. With two pre-teens eating more than adults plus two over-eating adults, our bill at most restuarants was running an average of $40/meal. Take that times a minimum of 9 meals out a week and we were spending more than $360 a week for food. That’s over $18,000 a year!!!!! I could buy a car for that amount of money.

How does your family do dinner? Are you eat-outters or eat-inners? How do you balance work, activites, and cooking at home? Do you eat early or late?


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  1. Well, as a stay at home mom (for the moment), and a mother of a teen, I try to have supper shortly after all family members are home. When there are no sports, the teen is home around 4, w/the hubby around 5-6 on any given day. During sports season, it is usually 6:30 or 7 when we eat, which is late for us. When daughter was little, and hubby got home earlier, we always at at 5 or 5:30 at the latest. I don't like eating late, but we can't avoid it.

    As far as eating out, we rarely do that as a family event, or even a date night. (what are those, anyway?) However, running my daughter to school, from practice, to or from a sporting event, to an orthodontist appt, or physical therapy, we are often going through the drive-thru. Sad, but true. It's cheap, and sports are not, so we compensate where we can. (and if C. and L. are in sports, you know what I mean) Not only is it cheap, but it is fairly fast, which, when on the go constantly, is important.

    So what kind of pots and pans did you end up with?

    Did you hear youth camp starts Father's day, and teen camp is third week in July?


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