Current Ramblings

Ok, so I really need to change the name of this blog. “Daily” just isn’t happening. Perhaps I should change it to “Occassional” or “Annual” or perhaps…”Infer Your Own Musings Here”!

Writing, personal writing, has been a goal of mine for years. Quiet time, QUALITY quiet time, digging in to the recesses of my mind to bring to light the person who “really” inhabits this shell is important to me. Or at least I thought it was.

How does one go about finding quiet time? In truth, I have had the ability in the last month to find more “quiet time” than I have in years. So what keeps me from claiming it?????

The last several weeks have been insane. I’m not even sure “insane” is an accurate description. While I am seemingly less “busy”, I have somehow managed to become increasingly stressed. When I finally find my way home, I crash on my couch and read or hang out with my “virtual” friends on facebook.

Lately I have had comments as to how much time I spend on facebook and how much of my life I publicize there. Sigh. I get accused of being reclusive (which I am) for years, finally make some attempts of “coming out of my personal closet” and am criticized for living my life too publicly.

Oops…think I just did it again! 🙂

Anywho, let’s forget all about that and focus on something entirely different.

New beginnings. New chapters. New starts. New goals. New anything!!!!

“Change will only happen when the pain of remaining the same becomes greater than the pain of change.” Unknown Author

Wow. Really? We only change when our current pain outweighs the potential pain of the unknown?

Change is something I do frequently. I get bored. I don’t like long-term sameness. Change is a part of who I am. I am always looking for what I want to do “next”.

While waiting on my kids at play practice a few weeks ago a friend asks, “Well, know that you’re done with your master’s what is your next big project?”

I stare blankly at them.

“Are you planning on starting your doctorate soon?”

Wow. Already?

Yep, Ph.D. is on my list of things to-do. Those seeds were planted long ago. I will do it. But not today. Not now. I can’t see how it would be beneficial to me in my current position.

So, what is my next big project? I’m not really sure.

Right now I’m trying to find an Assistant (Vice) Principal job for next school year. Isn’t that a big enough project?


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