Faith in our Finances

Ok, so I got up early today, for me, to get my impossible to do list started, but in the midst of my busyness God said, “Go write it down.”

So, I’m showing up for work!

I’m sure a lot of you have noticed that I usually write about the negative things going on in my life. I do. The reason I do is because they are usually things I need to work through, and writing words on a page helps me bring them in to focus.

Right now is a very stressful time in our family’s life. However, God is good, and while I had no intention of writing about it, well, God said to!

I am currently finishing my Masters degree. My last assignments are due Nov. 11th. Yep, I still have a lot to do by then. As if that isn’t stressful enough, my student loans aren’t going to cover the last $830.05 of my final class nor the $100 graduation fee. I have been totally stressed trying to figure out how to get my hands on that much cash money before Thanksgiving.

Then, just when I think I can swing the money, Chris gets laid off. Sigh. There goes the money I was going to use…we’ll now need it for food.

I had been praying about this $930 for a while. Telling God I so didn’t know where it could possibly come from.

“If I’m going to finish this it’s going to have to be Your doing, God. You know our finances and that we don’t have that kind of money stashed away.”

Well, now that any possible “extra” money is gone my prayer changed.

“I absolutely can’t do this, God. If it is Your will that I finish this degree and graduate, then thank You for finding a way to pay for it. I look forward to seeing where the money comes from.”

All through this Chris has been telling me he’s not worried. We’ll be fine and make it through. I know we’ll make it through, but not worried????

I came home Monday night to find him on the phone. When he hung up he had an odd expression on his face.

“How much is your final bill for college, Carrie?”

Cynical me, “Why? What are planning to do to get the money?”

“Actually the money is already on its way. I just want to make sure it’s enough to cover the bill.”

I reminded him of the amount. The amount coming is more than enough to cover the bill. It’s not a gift. It’s not a loan. It’s money we had and had access to that Chris had forgotten about.

Last night Chris told me, “If I had known that money was there in August or September I would have ordered a brand new 4-wheeler from the dealership. And then we wouldn’t have had money to pay for final class. I’d have a new four-wheeler, but you wouldn’t be able to become a principal. I have been so worried about you not getting to graduate. I wouldn’t have ever admitted it before now, but now I can relax.”

God IS good all the time. Especially when we give Him the problem in it’s entirety! Why was I working so hard to find that money???? Money I KNEW didn’t exist? Imaginary money that was then so easily taken from me when Chris got laid off?

God always shows up on time. Not in MY time, but ON TIME.

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5


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  1. Good post!


  2. I really enjoyed this inspiring post!


  3. Thank you for reading and commenting! I really appreciate it!


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