It’s Halloween, Not a Brothel!

Last Sunday afternoon I took Lily shopping for a Halloween costume. She wanted to be Candy Corn, not a Candy Corn Witch ror Candy Corn Fairy…just a piece of Candy Corn. We started looking for a costume in August. We never found one. So, at the last minute we went shopping.

The kids’ costumes had a size Large which was 8-10. Since when is child size large 8-10? These were way too small for Lily. So, we decided to look in the teen and adult sections.

OH MY!!! All the costumes were these short foofy skirts with provocative cut tops. As Lily browsed I kept thinking to myself, “We’re down to the wire here. How am I gonna tell her no if she chooses one of these? I can’t let my daughter wear these! She will think they’re just fun costumes, I see stripper outfit.”

Luckily she walked past all of them. We wound up with an adult sized Bee costume. Odd, but acceptable! I was so proud that she went with something “odd” rather than way too old. It even turned out cute!

Lily the Bee from Behind

Elvis & Bee


When, however, did Halloween become an opportunity for everyone to dress so indecently? Halloween is COLD! Why would you want to freeze your butt off taking your kids (or your kids) trick or treating?

I went trick or treating up until 8th grade. We didn’t dress like hookers. We were creative. Different. FUN! Yes, I went through the phase as an employee where I wore the “traditional” french maid costume, but I was old enough to have a job, not 10 – 12 years old.

Why is it ok for our pre-teens to dress as ladies of the night?

In thinking about this I reflected back to younger years. Who else remembers the vinyl like costumes with plastic full face masks held on by a string of elastic????

I wish I had a picture of me as a Smurf. I would soooo upload it. It was fun! It was pure! It was childhood…not a mad dash to force our preteens into a world so overloaded with sexual images that it has become ok for all ages to dress “sexy”.


2 responses to this post.

  1. The kids look cute! And I like the new blog look!


  2. Thanks! It was time for something different! No pics of Apple yet?


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