Dreaming Is Far From Living

I’m sitting here in the living room dreaming. No, I’m not asleep…thinking once again about finishing a writing project and entering it in a contest.

Dreaming…wasted time spent thinking about what I want to do instead of doing it.

Do you dream? Do you make plans? Do you realize that your dreams are attainable?

If you’re like me, the answer to each of those questions is YES! I hope you’re not like me, however, because I can’t answer the following question with a resounding YES!

Are you doing everything (or in my case anything) in your power to make those dreams a reality?

My dream of being published…a dream…something I think about without ever actually putting words on a page.

My dream of being a full-time employee of God…dream…big plans, no follow through.

My dream of being an unforgettable teacher…dream…often I survive a day rather than savoring it.

My dream of being the “perfect” mother and wife…well, that is so DREAM that I won’t even go there.

What do I truly want to do? My current mode of life says I want to exist. That’s all. I just want to be.

Do my actions match my passions? No.

Why not? Why am I choosing to exist rather than to live?

So, my question for myself: Who do you REALLY want to be?


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