Freedom of Speech…Paying the Price

“KS teacher fired for conservative website” is the title of the e-mail I just opened. Here is the link to the article

It truly saddens me to read things like this, and yet I find myself afraid that this is occurring in all public schools.

I don’t know Mr. Latham, nor do I know if I agree with his thoughts, but I am upset that he was censored in such a personal way.

Public schools are funded through the government. Is the government not patriotic? Does the government not “love the American way of life”?

Ya know, when I first saw this headline I was sure the teacher had scripture or religious beliefs posted online somewhere. If it was a personal website I would have been extremely upset over that, but this attack on patriotism is absolutely OFFENSIVE.

Where does it end?

While I may be considered extremely conservative, I am all for freedom of speech. I encourage others to question what they believe and why they believe it. I think one person can make a difference, change the world, if you will. I’m just amazed that the only people we see step up to make a difference are the ones trying to make the WRONG difference.

What ever happened to EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER? What has happened to individual rights? What has happened to the spirit of freedom of religion and freedom of speech? Sure, this teacher said what he wanted to say, but it cost him his job. Sure, the coach got to say what she wanted to say and because she was offended another person paid the price.


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