Grouchy Days Lead to Praise

I am tiger…hear me roar!

Ok, it’s more like Oscar the Grouch, but regardless, I am growly today.

Cam asked if a teacher had ordered knives from him a month ago because she had asked him if they were in or not. Long story short: Lily took her order and money AFTER the due date. She forgot to give it to me or tell me. Now she can’t find it.

Chris and I are both upset about this for various reasons. Yes, reasonS.

I went to bed grouchy and woke up even grouchier!!!

Now, please don’t think I am dwelling in my grouchiness…I am a little smarter than that!!!! I am sitting in my classroom immersing myself in contemporary Christian music…how can one be grouchy when praising God?

Sometimes our emotions tend to run our lives. I have learned that when I am sinking, I have to reach out to Jesus. When I crank up some good praise songs, well, my heart (and emotions) can’t help but be lifted!!!!

Praise God for grouchy days!!!


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