*ADULT TOPIC*Church challenges congregation to have sex…

Church challenges congregation to have sex

I was a little taken aback when my husband asked me if I had heard the story of the pastor who challenged married couples in his congregation to have 7 days of sex. At first I thought it was a hoax. http://media.fellowshipchurch.com/sermons/20081116.htm

Bedroom barriers you have to get over:

  • Kids
  • Career
  • Commitments
  • Exhaustion

7 things that are going to happen if you do this sexperiment:

  1. We’re fulfilling God’s purpose in marriage (Gen. 2:24)
  2. Intimacy reveals your true self (Gen. 2:25)
  3. Thwarts sexual temptation (1 Corinthians 7:5)
  4. Establishing a legacy (
  5. Reveals the true “F” word—Forgiveness (Eph. 4:32)
  6. Demands unselfishness (1 Corinthians 7:5)
  7. Cultivates creativity

Ok, so there are a few points covered in the “sermon” but you really have to see this for yourself!

Does sex have a place in the pulpit? I found great truths presented in this sermon. I was refreshed to discover that married Christians have sex just like non-Christians. It was inspiring to see someone take on a “real” problem from today’s times and address it scripturally to a congregation. I can support the message.

I am a little uncomfortable with the fact that students were in this service. I’m not sure I’m ready, or willing, to have these types of conversations with my kids yet. BUT why not? They are hearing it in many other contexts at school….why are we ignoring it in the church?

Sex was created by God. It’s not any more dirty, inappropriate, or vulgar than the topic of salvation or marriage. Maybe it’s time the church came out of the closet on topics like sex. Why do we repeatedly ignore the things that make us uncomfortable?

Check out the sermon…let me know what you think about preaching sex from the pulpit!


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