Surprise Hair Appointment Cancelled

I received a call at home Monday from my styling salon. I let the machine get it, and was very surprised/confused by the message.

“Hi, Carrie, this is so & so from salon. You have an appointment scheduled with your stylist on December 30th. She is out on medical leave and will not be able to keep your appointment. Please call us at your convenience to reschedule your appointment.”

Yes, that sounds all nice and professional, and I’m very glad they called to let me know, BUT

I did not schedule a follow-up appointment!!!! I have checked my calendar, my notebook, and my purse for an appointment card. I did NOT schedule that appointment to start with!!!!

So, I get the idea in my head that the salon ruined a surprise from my husband. That is very close to New Year’s Eve, and we have NEVER done anything to “celebrate”. Maybe he was going to surprise me with a night out and knew I would want to look good.

Once he got up, I asked him if he had made me a surprise hair appointment. He also said NO!

Very odd.

I still haven’t called the salon back. I don’t need to reschedule, so I’m not sure that I need to return their call. However, if YOU scheduled me a surprise hair appointment…well, it’s been cancelled!!!!


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