Lillian’s "Best Day of My Life"

Bars are still a favorite! Lillian got 1st place for Level 3 ages 9+!!!!

Left: Handstand rolldown on floor. Lillian tied for 2nd.

Right: V-sit on the beam. Lillian took 2nd place!

Lillian with the Level 3 2nd place team trophy. She actually got to bring the trophy home for the weekend. She will return it to the gym on Tuesday. She also has 3 2nd place ribbons (floor, beam, and vault), 1 1st place ribbon (bars), and her All-Around Medal (she took 1st place overall in level 3 ages 9+)!

Today we attended Lillian’s first gymnastic meet of the season. As soon as the meet was over, the day was dubbed “the best day of my life”!

Last year Lily competed in Level 3 gymnastics. She usually took last place in every event at every meet. Occasionally she would do awesome on one event, but not too often. I was sure she would be devastated by her poor performance, but after one pitifully embarrassing meet I asked her if she thought she had done better.

Her reply was, “I just have to have fun, mom! I don’t have to win!”

She continued to “have fun” all season. My heart broke for her every time awards were given. Still, I spent over $1000 to send her to Olympians John Macready and John Rothlisberger’s camp, Flipfest, with her team this summer. I thought maybe she’d “get serious” after that.

She loved the lake and the jetskis at Flipfest….all we heard about!!!!
Something changed when Lillian began training with the team this fall though. I don’t know what, I just know she’s entirely different when she’s on the gym floor. One of her coaches mentioned the same thing about a month ago.
Today was the test. Floor routines were first. Lillian scored an 8.5, AWESOME for her!!!! Beam, an event Lily used to hate, was next. She scored a 9.0! Bars, the third event, displayed a seamless routine that earned her a 8.9. The final event, vault, was scored 8.7. Regardless of results, this was Lillian’s highest scoring meet ever!!!
When it came time for awards, Lillian’s name was the first name drawn for an attendance prize….it was a stuffed monkey!!!!!!! As she went through the award ceremony she received 2nd in each event other than bars. Before they announced All-Around scores she turned an looked at me and mouthed “I got 2nd!!!!”

Yes, she was ecstatic about this. When 2nd place was announced it was the girl who received the other three 1st place ribbons. When they announced Lillian’s name for 1st place All-Around Gymnast, the look on her face was priceless. All the crowd from our team was laughing at her shock.

Even on the award stand she was still shocked. Apparently her 1st place win carried enough points to pull her ahead of the other girl’s 1st place wins.
It was a long day, but it was so worth it. I hope that she realizes that the difference between today’s meet and those from last year came about because of her focus and perseverance!

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