Toilet Paper–Recycled

Tonight amidst my usual running, I paused in Wal-Mart for a potty break. I don’t normally use public bathrooms, but on Tuesday nights I can either choose to be dehydrated or choose to use public restrooms.

Now, with that being said, you probably have a pretty ugly public bathroom picture going on inside your head. That is NOT what I am here to discuss tonight. The bathroom was reasonably clean and it was well-stocked.

Stocked with what, well, that is the topic of my thoughts tonight.

How far is too far?

Without paying too much attention I gathered toilet paper from the dispenser. Now, I do not usually inspect toilet paper, but as I drew the white wad towards me, I noticed flecks in it. And chunks. Chunks that looked remarkably like recycled corn (if you know what I mean) flattened out on toilet paper.

How, tell me, does USED toilet paper get placed on a roll and put into a dispenser????

I reach back into the offending dispenser and withdrew another sample of the toilet paper. Same consistency.

I notice that this toilet paper looks much like recycled paper. And that’s when it hits me. It IS recycled paper!!!! My gut told me not to use it. My practical side told me I had to.

Regardless, I kinda think using recycled paper products to make tp is taking it a little too far.

What do you think?


One response to this post.

  1. I have seen tp made from recycled paper, that had in it what looked like flat, really thin wood chips and slivers in them. Don’t you think that is what it is…I mean, HOW could it be anything else?


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