Wednesday, October 15, 2008
Miscommunication Current mood: sad
Miscommunication can be blamed for a lot of things in life. It can cause divorce, war, problems at work, minor bumps in relationships, or the complete fall of an organization. Miscommunication could easily be considered the biggest instigator of conflict.
This week I had a situation occur because of a “miscommunication”. The way I said something appartently offended and hurt the feelings of a group of talented, hard-working individuals. Did I mention that the mini “speech” I gave was INTENDED to pat them on the back and ENCOURAGE them. What I thought I said and what they thought they heard me say was so incredibly different that I am still struggling with what happened.
I suppose what bothers me more than the fact that somehow my message got misconstrued is the fact that people honestly thought I said (and meant) something mean and hurtful. I consider myself (and others have said the same) to be an encourager, a motivator, and/or a cheerleader for all others I come in contact with. While I can be a realist, I am never intentionally a “downer” on any project and most definitely never on a person’s effort.
I can’t believe that something I indended for good turned into something so bad. I wonder how many others have thought that same exact thing? People who have done their best, and watched it fall apart in front of their very own eyes. A word misplaced in a sentence; a breath taken in the middle of a sentence; a slip of tongue that can someone turn something innocent and uplifting into something heartbreaking….as mine is….
I truly feel sorry for the pain my words caused for these individuals. I have felt the same pain for the past 36 hours; it’s not fun and it’s not fair. If only I could take back the words and save us all hours of anguish.


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