Selfish or Not?

Tuesday, September 23, 2008
Selfish or not?
Third times a charm….hopefully!
I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately over people thinking that I am busier than I really am. For example, I didn’t sign up to go to a Women’s Retreat last weekend, which is something I would normally do if I had time. At least one individual thought that I didn’t sign up because I was too busy. That was so not the truth. I had NOTHING going on last weekend.

Let me explain. In the past 5 years every waking moment of every day has been filled with something. Usually I have been in charge of that “something”. At the end of school last year I resigned from all of my “volunteer” positions. The only activities I kept are Choir Director at Stouts Creek Bapt. Church (student and adult choirs) and VBS Director. I let go of everything else. I took on two new extra-duty contracts at school: Freshman Class Fall Festival Sponsor and Softball Assistant Coach. I’m saying no to everything else.

In the past six weeks I have spent more time with my husband than I have in the past two years combined. I have spent more QUALITY time with my kids. I have discovered time for ME. I have read some books….FOR FUN!!!! While my house is not spotless, it is clean enough that I will let guests come in. That’s something that I haven’t done in years (we’re clutterbugs). J

I have said “no” to things that are good things. I have said “no” to activities that “people” think I should do/attend. I hope I haven’t hurt anyone’s feelings or offended anyone, but I’m learning to live by a formula that I’ve heard for years. I’ve let it go in one ear and out the other for years….now I’m learning to live by it.

For every opportunity I’m presented with I ask myself this three part question: How does this get me closer to my God, my family, or my career goals. If I can’t answer that in an honest way that makes sense, then I need to say no. No matter how “good” things are, I can’t do every good thing that comes along. I have to choose the “great” things that God has set apart for me.

God has opened so many awesome doors for us in the past few years. I haven’t yet stopped to appreciate those doors. I’ve been too busy doing “good” things. I’m ready to live in the path He has prepared for me, but I have to make the time to do that. If that upsets you, I’m sorry. If you don’t understand, I’m sorry. If you totally disagree, I’m sorry. HOWEVER, I will answer to God, and God alone, for how I used my time here on earth. I’ve been too busy to do what He has for me to do. I have to let go of the “good” things in order to have time to do the “God” things.

I have one final word of advice. If you feel like I’ve stepped on your toes, or you find yourself becoming defensive about the things you do, then this blog is for you.


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