Improving My Self-Image

Monday, September 22, 2008
Improving My Self-Image
For those of you who are reading this simply because of the subject, well, you should know that I do not judge people by their looks. I believe that a person’s worth comes from the inside, not the outside. However, I am also human, and I judge myself much harsher than others.
As most of you know, I joined a workout group known as Boot Camp in late August. I have been embarrassed by how much I CAN’T do, but I have worked to the best of my ability at each class.
I have also began a campaign to “eat right”, which means smaller portions of healthy food. I am not banning any one thing, and I am allowing myself to continue drinking sweet tea.
At our 1/2 way weigh in (3 weeks in), I have lost two pounds. I really was expecting to gain before I lost, so I was pleasantly surprised.
BUT even before I weighed in I have noticed a difference in how I carry myself. I feel differently about how I look. I’m discovering that I like myself a little more than I did before taking on this challenge.
My goal was to get back in shape before softball season. Now my goal is a little different. I deserve the one hour two times a week I am getting at boot camp. I deserve to have more energy and feel happier. My goal now is just to enjoy finding myself in the world of physical fitness.


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