Mini Golf, Go-Karts, and the Fall of Mankind

Saturday, September 20, 2008
Mini Golf, Go-Karts, and the fall of mankind
Last night I took my family to South County for dinner and a night of fun. We went to Tee Time for Go-Karts and batting cages. Lily wanted to play mini golf, so we bought a package deal to play golf and ride the go-karts twice.
We decided to play golf first. We usually really enjoy playing putt putt as a family. We were on hole when this herd of girls (8-12ish) started all hitting their balls while I was still playing the hole. They were running around with their clubs; hitting each others balls and mine. Then they ran through us to the next hole and continued causing bedlam. One of them stole Cam’s red ball. So we played with only 3 balls. That wasn’t the end though. This behavior continued by different girls until we got to about hole 9 or 10! This was absolutely the must frustrating, non-fun game of mini golf we had ever played.
What is wrong with parents today? Why do they allow their children to run willy-nilly with no direction or correction? When did it become ok to let children do whatever they want regardless of the rules???? This type of behavior is NOT tolerated by our children, and it drives me insane that other adults not only let it occur, but also think it’s cute.
If you can’t (or aren’t willing to) control your children out in public, then please keep them home!


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