Revival of the Fittest

Wednesday, September 10, 2008
Revival of the Fittest
Well, life is returning to “normal” around here! I was pleased to discover that my Master’s class for tonight was “replaced” by an out-of-class assignment!
The kids and I worked on picking up the house before church because we’re having a cottage prayer meeting here tomorrow night.
Our revival starts Sunday morning. Chris nor I have been able to attend any of the cottage prayer meetings so far, so I’ve struggled a little with what to do. However, in my “research” I have been reminded that revival is a time for CHRISTIAN people to get right with God!!!
While it is a great idea to invite non-believers to church every time the doors are open, revival should not be viewed as a time to push for converts. The church will see converts only after the Christians within the wall seek God’s face whole-heartedly and desire to do His will.
Ouch. That kind of hurts….especially when you are expecting to attend revival and get all hyped up watching sinners get saved.
I can’t remember the name of the song right now, but while we were cleaning earlier tonight the CD player was asking us what could be better than seeing Jesus. Lily was singing along, but then she stopped and said, “Nothing could be better than seeing Jesus! I can’t wait to see Jesus!”
Revival is a time for me to see Jesus…to sit at His feet and listen to what He tells me to do. Revival is when God reminds us that where we are is not where He intends us to stay, but where he intends to “launch” us from.
I wonder what God has in store for me???? Are you wondering what He has in store for you?


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